About Us

Satvik is a Sanskrit word meaning “Mode of Goodness” 
Satvik Foods products are consciously prepared to nourish your mind, body and soul, using Australian grown grains and our unique Auryavedic blended spice with a touch love, each pack is bursting with flavour for a perfect meal every time.
Easy to prepare - Step 1: Saute Step 2: Simmer Step 3: Serve 

Satvik foods organic dhal rice quinoa vegan

Satvik Foods is a small family run business operating in the beautiful rainforest of Wollumbin in Northern NSW.

Our enthusiastic team is dedicated to health, veganism and most of all we love delicious food that is quick and easy to prepare.
Satvik Foods has been serving the community since 2010
Our goal is to provide pure and natural high protein plant based, gluten free, sugar free foods with minimum impact on our environment.
Choosing our product your making a conscious sustainable choice for the future. Eating light high protein energy foods emanates in our daily lives, creating more energy and vitality.  
You are what you eat
Contact information - info@satvikfoods.com.au
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