Some easy tips and suggestions

​Dhal + Spice

All Dhals taste great without anything else added or be creative.

If you would like to vary the recipes here is some easy tips.

  • Serve with a dollop of yogurt and coriander for an authentic Indian flavour.
  • Add extra vegetables - 1 cup of pumpkin, and ½ cup of tomatoes with an extra cup of water will turn your dhal in a wholesome winter soup.

  • 1 cup mixed carrot and celery in the Sacred Spice will make a lovely summer soup.

  • Supreme Blend is great with 1 chopped zucchini, grated ginger,  just add 1 extra cup of water.

  •  2 tbs of grated ginger when sauté is lovely in the Sacred Spice and Supreme Blend.

  • A little tip to hide vegies from the kids, grate carrot and zucchini into any of Satvik Foods products.

Note: If you add extra water and veges you might need a lil bit more salt.

Quinoa Salad

Cook 1 pack of Quinoa Salad cool add feta, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, diced cucumber, sprinkle with fresh coriander and parsley. Drizzle cider vinegar and olive oil serve with sliced avocado, totally nutritional and delicious.

Quinoa Curry

Steam 2-3 cups of your favourite veges. Toss through the quinoa curry and splash tamari on to taste.

Mystic Masala with Taro

Cooked one pack of Mystic Masala to directions add 1 up of cubed taro roots skinned

Cook until taro is creamy tender.

Serve with a little lemon

So creamy and fulfilling

Mystic Masala Taro

Supreme Blend Hot Pot

Sauté in 1 tbsp of olive oil 1 pack of Supreme Blend with 1 cup of diced potatoes, 1/2 cup chopped pumpkin stirring continuously until smells amazing

Add 2 chopped tomatoes stir for 1 min 
Add 5 cups of water.
Cook until grains are tender 
Serve with whole bread or just have a bowl

Pack with nutrition with the touch of chili its great for our digestion.


Supreme Blend Avocado Dip 

A hit with the kids...
Cook 1 pack of Supreme Blend with reduced water 3 cups not 5...


Add 1 avocado serve with corn chips...

Vegan, gluten free totally delicious and served 15 hungry kids who all said yummmm.