‘30 Days of Vegan Challenge’ RECIPE BOX

  • $16.00

Inside this little box you’ll find 30 delicious easy-to-make plant based recipes. A fun, simple way to try veganism & help the planet!

Our 30 Days of Vegan Challenge will help make your meal decision so much easier, it’s also fun and even though the box says ‘challenge’ we’ve made sure these recipes are delicious, nutritious but also SUPER simple to follow along!

We have used accessible delicious ingredients that you can get at any good supermarket; you won’t be running from one specialty store to the next trying to find ‘dead sea salted fermented tempeh‘ your favourite supermarket will provide you with everything you need!

You can challenge yourself for 30 days or simply tear off a recipe card when you need some dinner or lunch inspiration. 

And let’s be honest - we ALL need that sometimes!

Designed in a beautiful light green colour with our Satvik green mandala adorning the corners.

Each recipe card contains an illustration of the recipe with the ingredients and shopping list located on the back.

You will receive a downloadable PDF via email with the recipe method that you can conveniently view on your device (iPad, tablet smart phone, laptop or computer) or print.

Box size: 8 x 8 x 8cm 


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