Organic Red Lentil Dhal

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Certified Organic Red Lentil Dhal - with our Sacred Spice mix Mildly spiced with Cumin this organic red dhal is simply more-ish. Quick to cook and a favourite for the kids. The red lentil not only brings its own delicious flavour to this dhal, but is packed full of vital minerals. Health benefits include high plant protein, iron and lowering cholesterol properties. Suitable for all Ayurvedic body types

you will need:
2 tomatoes

Simply Sauté, Simmer & Serve to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal

Serves 4 | 210g |  compostable pouch (industrial S0370)


Red Lentils

  • Rich plant protein
  • High in fibre, low GI
  • Good source of iron, vitamin B, protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium
  • Magnesium in lentils are good for heart health
  • Lowering cholesterol properties
  • Managing blood sugar disorders
  • One cup of lentils provide 40% of the bodies daily protein needs
  • Reduced gas with the addition of Chilli and Turmeric

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