Red Lentil Dhal

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Red Lentil Dhal is mildly spiced, making it a great option for the whole family

quick and very easy - cooks in 15 minutes!

Sacred Spice blend is delicious on its own or a great base for your own wonderful creation. Suitable for all Ayurvedic body types

Simply saute, simmer, serve and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal.
Serves 4 | 210g | compostable pouch (industrial S0370)


Red Lentils

  • Rich plant protein
  • High in fibre, low GI 
  • Good source of iron, vitamin B, protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium
  • Magnesium in lentils are good for heart health
  • Lowering cholesterol properties
  • Managing blood sugar disorders
  • One cup of lentils provide 40% of the bodies daily protein needs
  • Reduced gas with the addition of Chilli and Turmeric 


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